YMCA Workouts - An Inexpensive Path to Fitness

When you think about getting a gym membership, the YMCA may not be the first place that you think of. Many people associate “the Y” with musty gymnasiums full of sweaty pre-teens incessantly bouncing basketballs. But today’s YMCA is a very different place.

Sure, you won’t see a lot of chrome, lavish locker rooms or legions of spandex-clad salespeople eager to sell you a two year membership at a low introductory rate. Instead, you will find a community-oriented, non-profit organization that truly caters to the local needs. With over 2,600 local Ys, there’s a good chance that you are close to one, yet because of their low-key approach you may not even know it. Your next workout could be just around the corner!

More than 21 million people of all ages and every walk of life use the YMCA for fun, exercise and community. Depending almost entirely on their core of 500,000 volunteers, the YMCA doesn’t have many of the expenses of the more glamorous fitness centers, making it far more affordable. Although you give up on the glitz, you will get plenty of choices when it comes to your fitness regimen. Most Ys feature fully equipped workout facilities, running tracks and swimming pools. There are regularly scheduled instructor-led classes as well as drop-in access to their equipment and facilities. In addition, the YMCA takes a holistic approach to fitness, so in addition to the traditional workouts and yoga classes, there are classes on healthy lifestyles, dieting, nutrition, smoking cessation, substance abuse prevention, just about anything that can improve a person’s life.

Given all of the benefits of a YMCA membership, you will be shocked by how inexpensive a YMCA membership is. Membership costs vary from location to location, but are remarkably inexpensive. Plus there is no long-term commitment. For individuals and families with lower incomes, there are half prices deals available. Monthly payment plans and membership transfer policies acknowledge our modern nomadic life.

So the next time you decide that its time to hit the gym, check out the Y. An amazing value from people with amazing values.

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