The Mediterranean Diet Could Save Your Life

We have written about the Mediterranean Diet before. This is a “safe and sane” diet that focuses on fresh fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts and olive oil. One of my favorite aspects is the recommendation of a glass of red wine with dinner. You trade out red meat for fish and fowl, but otherwise you aren't kept away from too much delicious food. New research shows that the Mediterranean Diet can save your life by protecting you from heart attack, stroke and heart disease. Want the best for your body? Adopt the Mediterranean Diet with extra dollop of extra virgin olive oil.

The Aztec Diet

The Aztec people ate a lot of the chia seed. Now famous for sprouting in the shape of silly pets, the chia seed is a nutritional powerhouse. The Aztec Diet, based on the chia seed, can help you lose weight and reduce disease.

The Martha's Vineyard Diet

Every few months a new diet splashes across the media. There seem to be a few requirements for this treatment. The diet must have famous supporters, in this case Howard Stern’s associate Robin Quivers. The diet must have unusual components, like puree of chickpea. And the diet must promise remarkable weight loss, like a pound a day. The Martha’s Vineyard Diet Detox checks all the boxes. Here’s what you should know.

Want A Happy Relationship? Drink Together!

Some people believe that opposites attract. Others follow the “birds of a feather” slogan when choosing a mate. Certainly, having shared interests can make any relationship stronger. But did you know that having drinking habits in common is a key predictor of marital longevity?

Energy Drink Secrets

We all find ourselves dragging once in a while. The day isn’t over yet, but our energy is gone. More and more, people are reaching for an energy drink, like Red Bull, Monster or Rockstar, to get them through this “running on fumes” crisis. Have you ever wondered what gives these beverages their zip?

The Beyonce Diet

Beyonce is a mega-star! She seems to be everywhere the camera points. Whether you’re watching President Obama’s inauguration or the Super Bowl half-time show, Beyonce is center stage. Her “ready for my close-up” figure doesn't come easily, though, especially after giving birth to a baby. How does she control her weight?

Diet Soda Shouldn't Mix With Alcohol

Everyone knows that drinking alcohol means drinking calories. That’s inevitable, but many people decide that the calories are worth it. Some people choose to minimize the calorie impact of their favorite mixed drink by substituting diet soda for the typical, sugar-sweetened soda. New research suggests that this can have unexpected results.

Timing Your Diet

Everyone is looking for an edge when they are dieting. Just something extra, to make all of the sacrifice pay off a little bit more. And there are a lot of ideas on how to lose more weight, and lose weight faster. Only eat while the sun is up. Only eat white food. Only eat vegetables, or fruit. Now there is a scientific study that seems to indicate that when we eat is as important as what we eat.