Good Morning! Coffee Helps Your Memory!

Coffee is wonderful, tea is grand, and soda (at least low-calorie) is great. Not only does the caffeine make mornings easier to handle, new research shows that your memory gets a boost too. Isn’t life wonderful?

Want To Lose Weight? Buy Red Plates!

Not every weight loss idea that comes along makes sense. If life made sense there would be no reason for research, or diet books. This idea, though, is seductive because it is easy, yet challenging because it flies in the face of common experience. So here it goes: the color red makes you eat less. Boom, mind blown?

The Rocco Diet

Rocco DiSpirito earned his fame as a chef. Cooking amazing food every day is not conducive to weight control, and Rocco was no exception. A few years ago he found himself pegging the scale at 230 pounds, and thought that there must be a way for him to enjoy food while controlling his weight. His quest to lsoe 50 pounds became the basis for his book, The Pound A Day Diet.

The Doctor's Diet

Emergency Room doctor turned TV host, Dr. Travis Stork has a new diet for you.  His plan starts with a break-up – with sugar. Beating an addiction to sugar is Dr. Stork’s secret to diet success. Could this diet be right for you?

The Super Shred Diet

Dr. Ian Smith is really prolific when it comes to diet plans. Making his name as a judge on the TV program Celebrity Fit Club, his first diet, the Fat Smash Diet, sold very well. That diet was followed by the Shred Diet, which also enjoyed success. Now Dr. Smith trumps himself by releasing a new book and diet, called the Super Shred Diet. What could be better than a diet that’s super?