The 7 Deadly Diet Soda Sins

Drinking sugar-flavored sodas can crush any diet. A single can of Coke has 140 calories! In response, many of us have switched to diet sodas. Just one calorie! Zero calories! Soon some clever vendor will claim negative calories in their soda. So why shouldn't we all guzzle all the diet soda we can find? It turns out that there are some serious side effects to consider.

Quick! Eat These Five Life-Saving Foods!

Some foods just don’t get the respect that they deserve. Blame a poor publicist, or maybe a pattern of childhood bias. Here are five under-appreciated foods that can really boost your health quotient.

Five Ways to Save a Flat Belly

Society loves a flat stomach. Men and women alike are striving for washboard abs, putting themselves through nearly every indignity in their quest. It turns out that many of us are unwittingly sabotaging ourselves. Here are five things to tips to follow if you want a shot at that swimsuit-ready belly.

Eat to Stay Young

So often, we are fixated on eating less and losing weight, ignoring the long-term impact to our health. Did you know that you can tweak your diet to help you live longer and look great into your golden years? Just eat your way through this rainbow of beneficial foods!

The Water Diet

Our bodies are made out of water. In fact, more than half of our body weight comes from water, and losing a mere 2% of our water content makes us thirsty. Given that we are made out of water and our world is mostly water, what could be more natural than to craft a diet plan around water?