Kiddy Crossfit?

Crossfit training is a nationwide success. Hundreds of gyms and thousands of personal trainers are focused on delivering this unique style of circuit training to people interested in getting in shape and losing weight. Can you guess their newest market? Crossfit for children!

The Obesity Paradox

For more than a decade, medical researchers have been quietly trying to unravel a mystery. Contrary to common belief, being overweight can actually increase your chances of surviving many diseases. A recent study based in Sweden further indicates that overweight people actually live longer when confronting coronary issues. Why are they outliving their skinny brethren?

The Brain Diet

Diets are usually aimed at our midriff. A recent episode of the Dr. Oz show revealed a new diet that is aimed at our head. The good doctor featured a guest, Dr. Majid Fotuhi, who discussed a Brain Diet. This diet is all about avoiding Alzheimer’s and keeping your memory sharp. Oh, and the diet is good for the rest of your body, too!

Better Relationships Without Your Cell Phone

Today’s “always connected” lifestyle makes it easy to keep in touch with everyone in your circle of friends. But did you know that it is damaging relationships at the same time? New research indicates that just having a cell phone near you is bad for your one-on-one relationships.

The Green Coffee Bean Extract Diet

Nearly everyone enjoys a good cup of coffee, so coffee beans don’t need a lot more support in the marketplace. A cup of coffee before a workout has long been known to  increase your calorie burn. Exciting new research indicates that the humble coffee bean may directly help with weight loss, too. No workout required!

Green coffee beans aren’t green at all; they are red. Only the tiny seeds inside the bean are green. The green label refers to their unroasted state, not their color. Even so, web sites have sprung up with beautiful pictures of green coffee beans, so keep that in mind when evaluating the credibility of the site before purchasing their products.

Work Out Less To Lose More Weight

Losing weight is simple, right? You eat fewer calories than you burn so that your body converts excess fat into energy. Voila! You lose weight. So obviously, working out longer must mean that you lose more weight. Oh, yeah, about that. It may not necessarily be true!

The Wheat Belly Diet

Think all carbs are the same? Not so, says Dr. William Davis. Dr. Davis believes that wheat, in particular, is responsible for obesity, digestive disorders and auto-immune diseases. What could be wrong with our amber waves of grain?

Kim Lyons’ Ultimate 10-Day Plan to Trim Fat

If you have watched the TV show The Biggest Loser, you already know Kim Lyons. She is a fitness guru and author of numerous books and DVDs on diet and exercise. Her latest plan has four steps to better health in only ten days.

Kim Lyons believes that weight loss is a mental as well as physical challenge. Most diets fail because people don’t believe that they can successfully lose weight and find reasons to quit. She counters that behavior by instituting small, step-by-step changes to daily life. Before you  know it, you’re losing weight!