The Zero Belly Diet

Is your belly too big? Does anyone answer "No!" to that question? How small is small enough when we're talking about bellies? Is one inch of belly fat acceptable? How about half an inch? The Zero Belly Diet sets a lofty goal: zero belly fat! Small enough?

The Total 10 Diet

It seems that Dr. Oz never sleeps. He is always thinking up new diets and creating names and slogans for weight loss programs. Well, he's done it again. This time, he is calling it the Total 10 Diet. Here are the highlights.

2 Quick Tips for Better Health

Improving your health, at least a bit, doesn't mean totally reworking your life. Small changes can reap big benefits, and the best part is that these changes are so trivial that you might actually keep them in your routine. Small steps toward a great goal: better health! Here are two small things that can really pay off.

The 20/20 Diet

How would you like to lose 20 kilograms in 20 weeks? Oh, yeah, so those metric weight-challenged among us, 20 kilograms is about 40 pounds. Now, how does that sound? Australian nutritionist Lola Berry has a plan to accomplish just that feat.