The Raspberry Diet in the News

After Dr. Oz called raspberry ketones a miracle fat burner, bottles of the supplement have been flying off the shelves. As we previously reported, raspberry ketones have been linked with weight loss in laboratory mice. The effect on humans is not so certain.

The Virgin Diet

First off, the virgin diet is named after its creator, J J Virgin, not some chastity vow that leads to weight loss. A self-titled fitness and nutrition expert, Dr. Virgin believes that most diets are doomed and that our bodies have very individual reactions to everyday foods. Only by discovering, through trial and error, the foods that are right for our body can we achieve true health and achieve our perfect body weight.

Green Tea – Cancer Fighter

Green tea gets a lot of positive press. It is a delicious beverage, a fad diet and a staple in many households. A recent research study has shown that women who drink green tea have a measurably lower risk of cancer. What’s not to like about that?

The Science of Black Friday

The huge sales on the day after Thanksgiving are a tradition that seems to overshadow the holiday itself for many people. Staying up all night, standing in lines, fighting through throngs of crazed shoppers; these are all intrinsic parts of the Black Friday experience. Why do we put ourselves through this torture? Scientists may have some answers.

The Hormone Diet

Dr. Oz is at it again. He recently hosted Dr. Natasha Turner, who discussed the impact of hormones on belly fat. Dr. Turner has written several books on the subject, and she shared some of her insights on how adjusting our hormone levels can safely and easily melt away that nasty belly fat.

Dr. Oz 3-Day Detox Cleanse

We are in a constant hurry. We want instant rice, 7 minute abs and overnight success. It is no wonder that we crave quick-hitting solutions to our weight issues.  Dr. Oz has a new 3 day detox, or cleanse, that promises to get us on the path to losing that spare tire around our middle.

Praise for Diet Soda

It is rare to find anyone in the health community saying something nice about soda. Even diet soda has a bad reputation with the health-conscious. But given the massive amount of soda consumed every year, doesn't it make sense to encourage people to drink diet soda?

This Is Your Brain Multitasking

Do you think you study better when music is playing? Are you a great multi-tasker? Or do you shut out all external distractions and focus in on the matter at hand, ignoring everything around you? New research on brain activity and our response to distractions might surprise you.

Multivitamins and Cancer

A previous article discussed the surprising research that tied supplement use to increased mortality in older women. Science rarely follows a straight line, so it shouldn't be too surprising the new research shows that multivitamins may help to prevent cancer in men. Here are the details.

Psychopaths and CEOs

Many times a business leader is said to have a “killer instinct.” But does he really? Does climbing to the top of that slippery pole really take ruthlessness and a cold-blooded urge to win? After generations of muttering and whispers, some scientific research has shown that you don’t need to be Jack the Ripper to run a billion-dollar enterprise, but you will share much of his personality.