Worried About Cancer? Get Married!

A cancer diagnosis is no laughing matter. Modern medicine has made great strides in treatment, but long-term survivability has many factors. One surprising factor that can greatly impact surviving cancer: marriage. A new study finds that married people have a much better chance of surviving cancer than their single brethren.

Five Ways to Wreck Your Diet

Dieting is frustrating. No doubt about that. But many of us are doing things that undermine our diet, sap our energy and ultimately lead to abandoning the diet. Without realizing it, we are ensuring the failure of our diet. Here are five of the worst culprits:

Lifestyle Changes Trump Dieting

There seems to be a new diet book published every day. At the same time, obesity is a growing problem with no sign of relief. Why don’t these wonderful diets have any impact on our nation’s waistline? New research seems to indicate that dieting without lifestyle change is a waste of perfectly good chocolate.

Garcinia Cambogia: Miracle Fat Burner?

Tamarind spice is delicious! Now Dr. Oz says that tamarind rind can burn fat and help you lose weight? Plus, garcinia cambogia, as it’s called, seems to help improve your mood, help you sleep and lets you avoid emotional eating. What’s not to like?

The Not So Magic Mushroom Diet

A new diet fad is making the rounds. The M Plan promises to make you skinny in 14 days, taking away fat only around your waist and hips, leaving your bust alone. Just eat mushrooms every day and see a slimmer you in two weeks.

Bacteria for Weight Loss

It is hard to lose weight, that’s for sure. It seems that nothing really helps shed those extra pounds. There is new research that offers hope from an unexpected area: bacteria. It may be possible to lose weight through a small change to our diet and an equally small change to our stomach bacteria!

The Plan Diet

Yet another diet has enjoyed its 15 minutes of fame on the Dr. Oz Show. Holistic medicine advocate Lyn-Genet Recitas recently discussed her book, “The Plan” with Dr. Oz, explaining how we are eating the wrong foods and suffering health issues and weight gain as a result. By eliminating these “healthy” foods we can lose weight and live a happier life.

5 Tips for a Better Night’s Sleep

“To sleep: perchance to dream” as Shakespeare said, can sometimes be an elusive goal. Modern life makes getting enough sleep challenging. The health benefits of adequate sleep are compelling. But when we actually get some pillow time, may times we can’t seem to drift off. What can we do? Here are five solid tips from sleep experts for improving your odds.

Remember to Floss, Floss to Remember

Good oral hygiene pays many dividends. A bright smile, sound teeth, fresh breath, these are all good things. New research has found yet another benefit: reduced risk of Alzheimer’s disease.