Why Don’t You Sleep On It?

Ah, the joys of sleep! For such a wonderful activity, why don’t we spend more time practicing it? It seems that we never get enough sleep, but why worry? Sleep is just a pleasant waste of time, right? Recent research shows that lack of sleep can have profound and long-lasting impacts on our health.

Vitamins – Just Say No

Remember when you were told, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away?” When did we start to substitute a pill for the apple? It seems that every tenth page of any magazine is a full-page ad for some vitamin or supplement. Is our diet so truly deficient that we need pills to make up for some sort of nutritional shortcoming?

Running Better With a Slushy

Attention runners! Is the summer heat cutting into your run? Are you getting tired sooner, now that temperatures are soaring? Maybe you should include a slushy in your pre-run rituals.

A New Diet Pill – Again

It seems that there is a pill for everything. That is certainly true when it comes to weight loss. There have been dozens of “miracle” pills over the years. They all promised great things, but most of them delivered far less, and many of them turned out to be harmful. After more than ten years without a new prescription diet pill, the FDA approved not one, but two new pills for weight loss. Now both of them are on the market and available.

Love Your Teeth? Skip the Gatorade!

A news story has been making the rounds, comparing the effect on dental health from drinking diet soda with using meth. While we all like a good horror story, the facts just don’t add up. It turns out that the “study” that launched all this press was limited to a few individuals, none of whom had visited a dentist for decades. But that does raise the question: how damaging are today’s popular beverages? Turns out there are scientific answers available!

The 100 Diet

Most of us learn to count to 100 in first grade. Now we have a diet that involves counting to 100 and losing 18 pounds in two weeks. At least that’s the claim made by the diet's creator. What’s the catch? Sugar is the sole focus of this diet. Those of us with a sweet tooth – beware!

The 16/8 Diet

Are you a snacker? The kind of person who’s always within arm’s reach of a potato chip or maybe a cookie? Is it possible that this behavior is making it difficult for you to lose weight? What if you restricted your eating to just 8 hours out of the day? As for the rest of the day (and night)? Nothing by mouth. This is the underlying concept behind the 16/8 Diet. Fast for 16 hours, then eat for 8.

What is a Probiotic?

Stroll down any grocery store yogurt isle and you will be bombarded by wild claims about each yogurt’s amazing probiotic ingredients. To believe the claims, one ounce of probiotic-laden yogurt can extend your life, cure baldness and maybe help you win the lottery. Is there anything behind this probiotic craze?