The Fruitarian Diet

Diets work by reducing the amount of food that we eat. Some diets are drastic, say, only allowing lemon juice and cayenne pepper. Other diets are much more forgiving, even allowing “cheat” days, when you can eat whatever your want. The Fruitarian Diet takes eating restrictions to a far, far away land: you only eat fruit.

The Arthritis Diet

Arthritis causes pain in the joints. There is little that can sooth this constant pain. There are two primary types of arthritis: osteoarthritis, which is a degenerative disease of the joints that advances with age, and rheumatoid arthritis, which is an inflammation of the joints that is not age related. Beyond medication, are there foods that can help (or hurt) arthritis? Turns out, there are!

Diet? No. Fast? Yes!

Very few people decide to diet because they enjoy feeling hungry. In most cases, people diet to lose weight and feel better. The problem with most diets is that you are hungry all the time. But there is a new point of view that says that you don’t need to diet every day. Instead, just fast occasionally, and you will accomplish these same goals.

The Power of the Day Off

Modern life is hectic, there’s no denying that. We are constantly “on” without a moment away from our gadgets and screens. Take a day off? You must be kidding. Oh, but it turns out that a day of rest is a critical part of a truly healthy lifestyle.

Does Fructose Make You Over Eat?

Fructose does not have a good reputation. It has been associated with diminished memory and ability to learn. High fructose corn syrup is as widely used as it is reviled. New medical research has found that fructose “turns off” a critical part of our brain that tells us when we are full. What can be done?

Drive Your Triglycerides Down!

High cholesterol is the bogeyman that everyone loves to hate. Doctors would rather that we concentrated on lowering our high triglycerides. Even the renowned Dr. Oz says that cholesterol is a myth and we should focus on our triglycerides. Here are some easy ways to lower this key health index.

Fighting Diabetes With A Buddy

The advent of reality TV can lead you to believe that lifestyle changes can only come from intense, professionally led residential programs, surrounded by television cameras and wacky team challenges. Happily, new research shows that modest (and reasonable) lifestyle changes can be accomplished without a starring role on a reality series. And the health impact can be wonderful.

The Shred Diet

We've all experienced the dreaded weight loss plateau. The weight has been dropping steadily and then, boom, the scale shows you the same number week after depressing week. What can be done? Possibly a bit of diet confusion could be a good thing. What is diet confusion? It is the basis for the Shred Diet, the diet that its author modestly describes as REVOLUTIONARY. Maybe you saw this on Dr. Oz?

The 8 Hour Diet

Most diets deliver weight loss by restricting what you eat. The 8 Hour Diet takes a different approach. It delivers weight loss by restricting WHEN you eat. Eat what you want for 8 hours, but then eat nothing for the next 16 hours. Could this work?