The Ice Cream Diet

Most diets involve cutting cherished foods out of our daily meal plan. It seems that the fact that a food tastes great automatically means that the latest diet fad insists on its avoidance. There is one noticeable exception to this secret rule: the ice cream diet! Can it be? Is it possible to lose weight while eating ice cream?

Fighting Stress

Stress is a part of our daily lives. Many of us deal with extreme stress at least once a year. If ignored, stress can lead to a broad range of health issues. What can be done to deal with stress? It may be easier than you think.

Feel Younger and More Energetic in 7 Days

Dr. Oz is getting older, but aren't we all? Thankfully, he has come up with a few easy strategies  to counteract aging and get the energy and vitality of youth. Are you ready to rev up your life in only seven days?

Broccoli Can Save Your Life

A lot of foods are considered Super Foods because of the wonderful things they add to your body. But broccoli deserves a special label (maybe Super Duper Food?) for the things that it REMOVES from your body. New research shows that eating broccoli can cause your body to flush out some chemicals that are just plain nasty!

Dr. Oz Chastised By Congress

Dr. Oz is usually on the giving end of cross examinations, not the receiving end. So when he was called to testify before the Senate panel on consumer protection, it was only natural that he would be a bit defensive. The panel was, shall we say, skeptical about some of the claims made on the Dr. Oz show and wanted to understand the scientific basis for these claims, directly from the doctor himself.

New Hope for Predicting Aneurysms

A ruptured cerebral aneurysm leads to death more than one third of the time. That makes identifying people who may suffer a rupture a key to extending their lives. New research has identified new tools for screening people who may be at increased risk.

Lose Weight Faster With Diet Soda?

The debate has raged for years: does drinking diet soda help or hinder your weight loss? Several research studies have produced conflicting results. Now, a study funded by the American Beverage Association shows that dieters who drank diet soda lost more weight than comparable dieters who drank water. Revolutionary results, or a keen understanding of how to fund future research?

Intuitive Eating

Diets come in every shape and size. Just keeping up with the weekly deluge of new diets is a full-time job. I don't know how Dr. Oz keeps up.  But each and every diet has one fatal flaw: eating less JUST IS NOT FUN. Sooner or later, the call of eating will overwhelm the yearning for weight loss. We just aren't equipped for long-term starvation. Enter a new concept: Intuitive Eating. Could this be the magic formula for long-term weight loss?

Living Longer Through Chemistry

We all hope for a long and healthy life. From the dawn of human existence, the secret of long life has drawn the attention of kings and paupers. If only the secret was known! Recently, some scientists have proposed one thing that might actually help us to live longer!

The Ayurvedic Cleanse for YOUR Dosha

Dr. Oz never runs out of diets! A big fan of juice cleanses, it was only a matter of time before he made his way to Ayurvedic cleanses. A recent episode of his show gave viewers an introduction to Ayurvedic juice cleanses and some tips on selecting the right cleanse for you. As usual, he simplified everything and told us exactly what we needed to know.