The Zero Belly Diet

Is your belly too big? Does anyone answer "No!" to that question? How small is small enough when we're talking about bellies? Is one inch of belly fat acceptable? How about half an inch? The Zero Belly Diet sets a lofty goal: zero belly fat! Small enough?

The Total 10 Diet

It seems that Dr. Oz never sleeps. He is always thinking up new diets and creating names and slogans for weight loss programs. Well, he's done it again. This time, he is calling it the Total 10 Diet. Here are the highlights.

2 Quick Tips for Better Health

Improving your health, at least a bit, doesn't mean totally reworking your life. Small changes can reap big benefits, and the best part is that these changes are so trivial that you might actually keep them in your routine. Small steps toward a great goal: better health! Here are two small things that can really pay off.

The 20/20 Diet

How would you like to lose 20 kilograms in 20 weeks? Oh, yeah, so those metric weight-challenged among us, 20 kilograms is about 40 pounds. Now, how does that sound? Australian nutritionist Lola Berry has a plan to accomplish just that feat.

New Years Resolutions: How to Keep Them

Everybody does it! It's New Years Eve and you promise yourself that this year is the year that you lose weight, get back in shape and (maybe) spend less time on Snapchat. You've made these resolutions before, but THIS TIME YOU MEAN IT! Here are some tips for keeping those New Years resolutions strong though the entire year.

8 Nasty Habits

We spend countless hours obsessing over the minutiae of our appearance, only to have our hard work and diligence undone by simple, unattractive (or worse) habits. A recent episode of the Dr. Oz show picked a "Top 8" list of bad habits for our immediate attention. How many of these nasty habits do you have?

Doctors Announce the Worlds Best Diet

Everyone seems to be on a diet, and no two people choose the same one. Picking a diet is hard, although there is some great help available. A recent research paper took a scientific look at the popular diets and rated them, based on total pounds lost. Did your diet make the grade?

The Rosemary Conley Diet

She calls it the "Amazing Inch Loss Plan" and promises that you will, yes, lose inches (amazingly) and pounds if you follow it. No stranger to diet advice, Rosemary Conley made her name in the weight loss business back in the 80s with her book The Complete Hip and Thigh Diet. She is still something of a big deal in the United Kingdom. Now it seems that she has set her sights on the rest of your body.

Top 10 Signs You Need More Sleep

Ah, sleep! We never seem to get exactly the right amount of sleep. Although experts can't agree on how much sleep we should get, the Dr. Oz show recently had some tips on how to tell if you're not getting enough. Here is his Top 10.

These Supplements Might Kill You!

Stores everywhere sell pills, powers and shakes that all claim to boost your nutrition, burn fat and build muscle. Many people do not realize that these supplements are only slightly governed by the Federal government. Does that matter? It might, especially if you take a supplement that contains a mystery ingredient that just happens to be dangerous.