Is the Z-Pak Dangerous?

Many of us have used the antibiotic Zithromax to treat a sinus or upper respiratory infection. The amazing Z-Pak (as its known around our house) kills those bad bugs dead in only five days. Truly an amazing discovery. Unfortunately, the FDA is warning that that the Z-Pak can trigger heart problems.

The Super Immunity Diet

Dr. Joel Fuhrman is no stranger to diets. His “Eat toLive” diet was all the talk last summer. Now he is back on the Dr. Oz Show with a diet that strengthens your immunities as you lose weight. Get sick less, have more energy, and get skinny. What’s not to like?

The Best Exercise Doesn’t Require A Gym

Sure, it feels great to sweat it out at the gym. Those shiny machines and the cute outfits make fitness fun and glamorous. Unfortunately for most of us, the gym life isn't enough. The critical element  for many of us is how we spend the other 23½ hours of our day.

Why is Celiac Disease Increasing?

The gluten free diet has been trendy for several years. Gluten, a protein found in wheat, rye, barley and other grains, can trigger an abnormal intestinal response in some people. This is called celiac disease. New research has found that celiac disease is on the rise, and it is not just because testing is becoming more common. What is going on?

Want to Lose Weight? Put Your Money Where Your Tummy Is!

Losing weight is hard. Even with a diet buddy, it is difficult to stick with a diet, especially during those agonizing plateau periods. Staying motivated is key, with temptation around every corner. The Mayo Clinic tried something creative: they paid people to lose weight.

Time Change Equals Heart Attack?

Twice a year, most parts of the U.S. adjust their clocks. We “spring forward” in the spring and “fall backward” in the fall, moving ahead or back an hour. This anachronism of a day before pervasive outdoor lighting is a bad idea that just won’t die. In addition to being a real nuisance, did you know that daylight savings time is dangerous to your health?

Cancer Tests To Avoid

Cancer is a concern for all of us. Men have a 44% chance of developing cancer and women have a 38% chance. Given these daunting odds, it makes sense to make sure that you don’t have cancer lurking in your body, right? Well, it turns out that some cancer tests should be considered carefully before signing up.

Lack of Sleep Hurts Your Body

Ah, sleep, Nature’s soft nurse (to steal from Shakespeare). The gift we don’t appreciate as children, and then yearn for as adults. Few of us actually get “enough” sleep, yet we all trade off sleep for other activities. But did you know that too little sleep can actually hurt your body?