The Hungry Girl Diet

Everyone knows that you eat less to lose weight, right? Well that may be the accepted wisdom, but "Hungry Girl" Lisa Lillien believes that there’s a better way. She suggests eating MORE to lose weight. That’s right, by eating more, actually Supersizing your portions, you can drop 10 pounds in a month. What?

The Best Diet

Everyone knows the best diet, right? Oh, wait, your idea of the best diet is different than mine? And it’s different from the other twenty people we might ask? There have been magazine reports that searched for the “best” diet, but how about something truly scientific? Well now there is a report out of Yale University that attempts to answer the age-old question, “What is the best diet?”

10 Strategies for a Slimmer You

GQ Magazine had a recent article with 10 tips for better health. Nothing earth-shattering, but each gentle tweak to the daily grind can make a difference in the long run. Some ideas are easier than others to implement, but we can all benefit from most of them. How many can you adopt?

Juice Cleanse Dangers

Juice cleanses are very trendy right now. Every Hollywood star raves about them, Dr. Oz gushes over each week’s new juicing diet, and juice bars are springing up to offer every possible fruit reduced to its purest nectar. But are juice cleanses safe? How about effective?

Carbohydrates and a Longer Life

In a blow to Atkins Diet proponents around the world, new research seems to indicate that low protein and high carbohydrate diets can actually extend life. Mind blown! No wonder the cave man died out! Does this mean that decades of diet books are wrong? Maybe so.