Tired? Maybe Yeast is the Problem!

Yeast is wonderful, right? It makes bread rise. It makes beer and wine possible. So what’s not to like about yeast? It turns out that too much yeast in your body can produce exhaustion and a variety of illnesses.

Dr. Oz’s Dopamine Diet

Losing weight is easy right? You just eat less, maybe exercise more, and the weight falls off. Oh yeah, that isn't reality. Food cravings crop up the instant you start to cut back. Before you know it, you are eating a slice of cake over the sink and telling yourself that you can start another diet TOMORROW! Dr. Oz has a new idea: dopamine can deal with those powerful cravings, making dieting easier and more effective.

Great Exercise Without A Gym

We have written previously about the benefits of high intensity interval training (HIIT). Most people naturally assume that this type of conditioning requires a gym membership, or at least a significant investment in home equipment. A recent report shows how an expert would perform HIIT at home without anything more complicated than a sturdy chair.

The 3-Day Weekend Juice Cleanse

Dr. Oz never seems to run out of diets. He seems to be particularly fond of quick-fix diets, especially cleanses. So it is not surprising to see that he is promoting a new diet, called the Joe Cross 3-Day Weekend Juice Cleanse. Are you ready for the juice?

Work Out, Avoid Breast Cancer

It is intuitively obvious that sensible exercise is good for us. If nothing else, it makes that afternoon snack easier to rationalize. New research has just been published that shows that a moderate exercise regimen can dramatically reduce the risk of breast cancer.

The Fat Flush Diet

Ann Louise Gittleman calls herself the “First Lady of Nutrition” when she appears on such TV shows as Dr. Phil, The View, or Good Morning America. Her Fat Flush Diet claims to speed weight loss while it eliminates mysterious toxins from your liver and lymph nodes. Sounds pretty good, doesn't it? Here’s what you should know.

The Gwyneth Paltrow Diet

Gwyneth Paltrow is no stranger to controversy. She spends a huge amount of her public time talking about healthy living, while puffing away at a cigarette. She warns about avoiding eating disorders while appearing in bikinis that flaunt more ribs than curves. Now she has published a book, “It’s all Good” that discusses her special approach to dieting. And yes, her children follow this diet as well.