4 Tips for Handling Stress

Modern life isn't easy. Every moment of every day puts something in your path that can cause stress (if you let it). You can’t make the world leave you alone, but you can change the way you react so that you don’t get so stressed. Here are some tips.

College Bound? Here's How to Stay Fit!

The transition to college is challenging on so many levels! More freedom, more responsibility, more choices. These choices include decisions about food and exercise, sometimes with negative results. The fabled "Freshman 15" can strike with amazing swiftness. We saw this infographic on a fun site called TheBestColleges.org and couldn't wait to share it.

Back to School Means Back to Sick

It’s no secret that having school-age children is hard on your health. As we shop for new backpacks, pencils and that special “first day” outfit, don’t forget to buy some hand sanitizer. Back to school also means back to sick days. Can anything be done?

Coffee Fights Depression!

It is a great day, America! Coffee, the nectar of the morning, has yet another benefit thanks to science. We already know that coffee reduces oral cancer risk and extends our lifespan. A new research study out of the Harvard School of Public Health shows that it can reduce depression and substantially reduce the risk of suicide.

Your Mother and Omega-3s

It is hard to criticize mothers. Everything that they do, including that whole “creating life” thing, is a wonderment. There are a lot of studies on the effects of a mother’s diet on the unborn baby, but a new research report shows that some dietary deficiencies can take generations to show their full impact.

Exercise to Fight Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is nearly inevitable for men. Many doctors believe that ALL men will get prostate cancer, if they live long enough. The only good news is that most prostate cancers grow so slowly that they do not require invasive treatment. A new research project has found that intense exercise can slow the (already slow) growth of prostate cancer cells.

The Hugh Jackman Diet

Celebrated actor Hugh Jackman will do whatever it takes to prepare for a role. To transform himself into Jean Valjean of “Les Miserables” fame, he starved himself and even cut his water intake to appear emaciated for some of the scenes. He then had to bulk up and become the muscle-laden Wolverine in a few short months. That begs the question: what does a wolverine eat to end up with such a physique?