The Raw Food Diet

Ever since the discovery of fire, we have cooked much of what we eat. None the less, there is a growing movement that advocates eating uncooked food exclusively. This is not intended as a weight loss program, although that typically happens as a side-effect, but rather as a path to better health.  Here is a quick overview.

The raw food diet, sometimes called rawism, is based on eating foods in their natural state.  That means uncooked and unprocessed, just as it was when harvested.  Some practitioners allow warming food, as long as the temperature is kept low enough that the food is not cooked; usually below 110 degrees.  Many foods must be dried, pickled or salted to remain edible, but this is allowed in the world of rawism.

The raw food diet is primarily vegan, with seaweed, beans, nuts, whole grains, sprouts and fruits (fresh, juiced or dried) providing most of the nutrition.  Some raw food followers also consume unprocessed cheese and unpasteurized milk.  There's no need for a stove or oven, but you will spend a lot of time with your blender and probably end up with a dehydrator, too.

People who follow the raw food diet report increased energy, fewer illnesses, less acne, lowered cholesterol and reduced body fat. Cooking can reduce the nutrient content in some foods, although it also unlocks some nutrients that are otherwise not digested when raw.  Raw foods are high in anti-oxidants that may contribute to reduction in the incidence of diabetes, cancer and heart disease.  Many people believe that pasteurizing milk destroys beneficial bacteria, enzymes and proteins which has led to a surge in demand for unpasteurized milk.

Doctors typically recommend a multivitamin to backstop the nutrition that may be lacking from cooked foods, especially vitamins B12 and D.

Eating raw requires attention to food storage and preparation. Particular care must be taken to avoid food contamination, since cooking is the primary defense again harmful bacteria.

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