The Kim Kardashian Diet

Living every moment of your life in front of a TV camera can lead to insecurities.  It is no wonder that Kim Kardashian has had some personal issues with her appearance.  Viewers of her reality TV series watched her gain weight that miraculously disappeared before her recent press tour and wedding.  How does she do it?  Here are a few of her tips.

No stranger to fame and notoriety, Kim Kardashian has given her figure plenty of exposure.  Back in 2007 she posed nude for Playboy, giving herself over to their air brush wizards.  She was hired by Bongo Jeans and Balenciaga shoes as a spokes model in 2008.  Add in the multiple reality shows, signature perfume and retail stores and she is one gal who knows how to keep busy.

All that activity can make it difficult to remain fit, and she discovered that herself during the course of her reality series.  It is said that she saw some bikini photos before retouching that show cellulite where she previously displayed taut muscle and decided that things needed to change.  Out went the fast-food burgers and fries and in came a low-carb diet that maxes out at 1,200 calories a day.

The Kim Kardashian diet is not exotic.  The focus is on green vegetables, smoothies, peanut butter and the occasional splurge of pizza and sugar cookies.  Given her endorsement deal with QuickTrim diet pills, she really needs to stick with the program.

Here is a typical meal plan for Kim:

  • Breakfast:  Smoothie or oatmeal, plus a banana.
  • Lunch: Salad with chicken or fish chunks, yogurt or fruit.  Iced tea with lots of no-cal sweetener.
  • Dinner: Salmon or chicken breast with rice and broccoli

In addition of this diet plan, she also works out with weights and flexibility cardio at least three days a week.  You can even buy her workout on DVD, called Fit in Your Jeans by Friday.  All of this combined to put Kim in a size 2 wedding dress, although she has admitted to E! News that she has add back a few pounds since the ceremony.

Are you ready to look like Kim Kardashian?  Do you think that her diet might be the secret weapon for you, too?  Get yourself a buddy at and get going!  Then click on the Comment button and let us know how it worked for you.

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