The Chris Powell Diet

It is hard to miss Chris Powell these days. The star of "Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition" on ABC is a powerhouse in the diet, fitness and inspiration business. Between his personal appearances, new book and a guest slot on "Good Morning America", the Chris Powell diet is the hottest thing to grace this chilly new year.

The Chris Powell diet consists of five meals a day, three traditional meals and two mandatory snacks. His twist on common dieting is to alternate high carb days and low carb days. His goal is to boost your metabolism and avoid the body's natural reaction to deprivation that creates the dreaded plateau. By alternating high and low carbohydrate eating, your body doesn't shut down and cherish every calorie it receives. Through this "now you see it, now you don't" approach, your weight loss is steady and dramatic.

The diet allows women to have 1,200 calories a day on low carb days and 1,500 a day for high carb days. Men are allowed 1,500 and 2,00 calories a day respectively. The Chris Powell diet even provides guidance for "cheat days" where women get 2,400 calories and men get 3,000. Wow!

Chris also suggests carrying fiber pills when you leave the house. Then, if you need to eat out, just take a pill (psyllium fiber isn't too awful) and let it fill up your stomach a bit before your entrée arrives. He also recommends using sugarless gum and zero calorie flavored water to fight those hunger pangs that seem to lurk around every corner.

In addition to these eating rules, Powell also recommends an exercise routine that mimics his high/low approach to carbs. This is called the 3*2*1 exercise program. You start with three minutes of light exercise, something that doesn't get you breathing hard. Then you kick it up a bit into medium intensity cardio. At this point you are starting to puff, but it doesn't keep you from talking easily. Finally you finish up with one minute of intense exercise. You should be putting it all out, sweating and panting for all you're worth.

Chris Powell is also a motivational speaker of great skill. If you look past all of the inspirational talking about setting and achieving goals, though, the Chris Powell diet is sound and safe. The daily calorie intake is well within governmental guidelines and the exercise routine isn't beyond most people's capabilities. The variety aspect is attractive and keeps you looking forward to tomorrow.

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