The Montel Williams Diet

More than ten years ago, Montel Williams was told that he had multiple sclerosis and would be confined to a wheel chair within a few years. He immediately began to transform his diet and a decade later is reduced his MS symptoms by nearly half and eliminated his antidepressant medication. Here is his 21 day diet solution, as told on the Dr. Oz show.

Montel Williams doesn't consider his eating program a diet, preferring to call it a regimen. The regimen avoids junk foods and features fresh fruits and vegetables instead. He is especially fond of green foods. That means a lot of green vegetables, green smoothies, green juices, you get the idea.

Montel's breakfast is typically a smoothie. Based on spinach or other leafy greens, he adds 4-5 fruits which change daily. This keeps the smoothies interesting and helps keep you out of the McDonalds drive-through for breakfast.

Montel Williams is a big fan of chlorophyll, too. Chlorophyll is the chemical in plants that transforms sunlight into energy. It turns out that chlorophyll is also good for your digestive system, especially the intestines. Every morning features a chlorophyll supplement in pill form. Montel also takes an injection of B-12, although oral supplements are equally effective. Most B-12 pills also contain B-6 and folic acid, an added benefit.
For lunch and dinner Montel follows the Mediterranean diet. This means a lot of olive oil and whole grains and nuts. His protein comes from chicken and fish instead of red meat. The Montel Williams diet also features a 3 root tea. This tea contains the roots of ahwagandha, rhodiola and schisandra plants. This tea will never become popular based on taste, but Montel swears that it helped eliminate his limp.

An additional element of the Montel Williams diet that won't be very popular with the vampires is his practice of eating 10 cloves of garlic every day. He adds it to his fish and chicken, even blends it into his smoothies. Montel believes that is has measurably improved his health. He has not commented on its effect on his love life.

Montel's book Living Well, describes a 21 day journey to better health. It contains an eating guide, some recipes and an exercise program. You even get an eating and exercising diary to track your progress. Could this work for you? That probably depends on your tolerance for awful tea and 10 garlic cloves a day. You can't argue with the results that Montel has produced!

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  1. What do u think about eating Sushi? So proud of u. Thank u for sharing.