The Volumetrics Diet

One of the lesser-known diets to make the U.S. News Top Diets list is the Volumetrics Diet. This diet doesn't focus on how much you weigh, it focuses on how much your food weighs. Getting away from counting calories can be a freeing experience!

Dr. Barbara Rolls created the Volumetrics Diet to eliminate the feeling of deprivation that comes with many diets. Her diet lets you feel full and satisfied while you lose weight. And as you lose weight you adjust your outlook on food and move to an eating plan that can stay with you for life.

Dr. Barbara Rolls
The Volumetrics Diet divides food into four groups, based on the density of the food.  Density is the weight of something divided by its volume. Category 1 foods are very low density, including fruits and non-starchy vegetables, nonfat milk and clear broths.  Category 2 foods are the starchy vegetables and fruits, most grains and pastas, and lean meats. Category 3 (we're up to medium density here) foods are cheese, not-so-lean meats, most processed foods, bread, and pastries. Category 4 foods are crackers, cookies, butter, chocolate and oils.

The diet allows three meals, two snacks and a dessert. You balance your intake based on the category of foods that you desire. Category 1 foods are so low in calorie density that they're essentially unlimited. Category 4 foods are pretty much diet-busters, so you get very little from that category.

The book "The Volumetrics Weight-control Plan" is an essential part of this diet. You need to look up your meal components to determine their energy density. That can be a real drag for some people. If you didn't enjoy middle school math, pass on this diet. Once you get your favorite foods highlighted in the book, things get a lot easier.

The diet does a good job of pointing you toward foods that will help you lose weight while filling your stomach. You will feel full after dinner. Unfortunately, these low density foods don't have the "staying power" of higher density foods, so you might get hungry before the next meal or snack rolls around.

The Volumetrics Diet is a sensible approach to weight loss. Based on 1,100 to 1,600 calories a day, it will provide gradual, safe weight loss without driving you toward poor nutrition. This is a diet that can stay with you for life, so you won't regain the lost weight the month following your diet.

So, are you good at math and ready to lose some pounds? Give the Volumetrics Diet a try and let us know your results!

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