How To Pick The Perfect Diet

Are you ready to lose some weight but baffled by the hundreds (thousands?) of diets in the press? Which diet fits your individual goals, interests and lifestyle? Which diets allow your precious carbs or fit a vegetarian eating preference? Certainly, keeping up to date with this blog can help, but not there’s a quick and easy way to sift through all the hype and narrow your search down to a Top 5. Meet!

With hundreds of diet books on the market and more being published every week, it seems that last year’s diets can’t possibly be worth anything. Yet many of the tried and true diets are helping people lose weight every month. Each diet has its own point of view, strengths, weaknesses and personality, but how can you easily learn about them?

The WannaBuddy blog has published brief overviews of many popular diets, which hopefully have helped people make informed choices. That still leaves the prospective dieter to do a lot of digging to compare and rate the various diets, all before taking on the real work of the chosen diet.

This situation led to the creation of The site helps to rate all of the diets in the WannaBuddy database, based on what is important to you. After you set your priorities, must have’s and deal breakers, PickMyDiet sorts through the diet database and displays the top five diets for you. Each diet has a brief description, plus a link that lets you click through to the appropriate WannaBuddy blog posting. Each diet also has Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down and Comments features to let you see how other visitors feel.

Once you have done your homework and chosen a diet, the PickMyDiet site can also help you track your eating and exercise. You can enter daily meals and workouts, and the site will graph your calorie intake and consumption. This can be a strong motivator and help you visualize your progress.

So what are you waiting for? PickMyDiet can help you select the diet that’s perfect for you. Once you start your diet, it can track your calories eaten and your calories burned. All that’s left is to find a dietbuddy and get back into shape!

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