The Dolce Diet

Former mixed martial arts champion Mike Dolce has turned his personal approach to “making weight” into a diet. The Dolce Diet is a three week plan to drop weight quickly, as though you were about to enter a championship UFC match. Mike Dolce says that his use of this plan let him drop from 212 pounds to 170 to qualify in his weight class. Here are the details.

Mike’s book is very clear about the goal: rapidly losing weight for some event. Although you will learn valuable lifestyle lessons about eating better, this is not a general life-long eating guide. However, if you need to shed weight quickly for an event, this might be tailor-made for you.

The meal plan itself looks a lot like the Atkins plan coupled with a very specific and challenging exercise regimen. You eat primarily protein and very little carbohydrates. Fat is quite restricted, so think in terms of chicken breast and fish for your entrees.  You get lots of veggies and certain fruits, too, so the nutritive balance can be good.

This is not a diet for wimps!  The calorie restriction is harsh (a reduction of about 1/3 of your typical intake) and the workout routines are very challenging. You may not be making weight for a cage match, but you will be prepared for one anyway by the end of the three weeks.

The diet has a rather odd relationship with water. During the bulk of the three week plan you are encouraged to drink water, lots of it. During the final phase, you cut out liquids as you zoom down to your final weight. Clearly, if you aren’t targeting a specific weight on a specific day, it doesn't make sense to eliminate the water weight, it will just come right back once you start hydrating again.

Is the Dolce Diet for you? Do you have a special event coming up and you REALLY want to a size or two smaller, regardless of the pain involved? The Dolce Diet can deliver the results. Plus, you will learn about eating healthy and tone up those muscles a bit, too.

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