The Hunter Farmer Diet Versus The Digest Diet

Two of the most popular diets in mainstream America today are the Hunter Farmer diet and the Digest diet. These two diets have more differences than similarities. What drives their popularity?

The Hunter Farmer diet is based on the idea that there are two kinds of fat: farmer fat and hunter fat. To rid yourself of this fat, you need to tailor your diet to the specific fat you want to lose. Once you determine whether you are a hunter or a farmer, you know what to eat, what not to eat, and what diseases to monitor. Pretty straight forward!

The Digest diet identifies 13 "fat burning" foods that they believe can trick your body into releasing fat without making you feel hungry. The diet has three phases, with specific eating instructions for each phase. At the end of three weeks you diet is complete and you return to your normal lifestyle. Again, pretty specific and not a lot left to chance.

So why are these two diets so popular? Certainly a good publicist helps. Appearing on the talk show circuit can make any diet an overnight success, but these two diets have shown some real staying power.

Both diets feature a good book. In both cases, the book lays out the reasoning behind the eating guidelines. Understanding why you need to focus or avoid a favorite food makes sticking to the diet that much easier. Plus, you will probably find yourself explaining your diet to friends, so having some medical-sounding facts at your fingertips can be a life saver.

Dieting is basically all about eating less. In the Hunter Farmer diet you focus on the food groups that are “right” for your body type. The Digest diet has you focus on 13 fat burning foods. With both diets you are “focusing” on food rather than “cutting out” food. This mental shift may be one of the success factors. By moving the mental conversation away from foods you can’t eat and redirecting your thoughts to food that you should eat, you don’t feel so deprived. Glass half full, anyone?

Which diet is for you? Either diet will probably help you to lose weight. If you are looking for a new lifetime eating regimen, the Hunter Farmer diet is probably a better choice. If you work better in situations with a beginning, middle and end, the Digest diet with its 21 day cycle could be right for you.

So pick the Digest diet, or the Hunter Farmer diet. Getyourself a diet buddy for support and encouragement, and set some new personal health goals. Tomorrow can be the start of something great!

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