The Green Coffee Bean Extract Diet

Nearly everyone enjoys a good cup of coffee, so coffee beans don’t need a lot more support in the marketplace. A cup of coffee before a workout has long been known to  increase your calorie burn. Exciting new research indicates that the humble coffee bean may directly help with weight loss, too. No workout required!

Green coffee beans aren’t green at all; they are red. Only the tiny seeds inside the bean are green. The green label refers to their unroasted state, not their color. Even so, web sites have sprung up with beautiful pictures of green coffee beans, so keep that in mind when evaluating the credibility of the site before purchasing their products.

Green (umm, red) coffee beans are roasted at around 500 degrees as part of their preparation for sale as coffee grounds. This increases the caffeine (yay!) but reduces another chemical called chlorogenic acid (CGA). This chlorogenic acid appears to play a role in the creation of glucose in the liver. More CGA seems to mean less glucose, and therefore less fat cell production.

A recent medical study was conducted at the University of Scranton that attempted to measure the benefits of green coffee bean extract on weight loss. The study was led by Dr. Joe Vinson, focusing on overweight people between 22 and 46 years of age.. During a 22 week period, the participants received either green coffee bean extract or a placebo (a benign pill that has no effect). The participants were not on diets; in fact they continued to eat an average of 2,400 calories a day.

At the end of the study period, the participants had lost an average of 10% of their body weight. Their body fat fell by an amzing 16%.

This weight loss was not attributed to caffeine. The caffeine content of the green coffee been extract is actually quite low. That’s why we roast our coffee beans; to give them that wonderful caffeine punch. Rather, the chlorogenic acid seems to be the active ingredient.

In addition to moderating the conversion of glucagon into glucose, it is possible that CGA partially blocks the absorption of sugar in the digestive tract. So, you digest less sugar and then convert less of it into glucose. A double play!

With less blood sugar coming from the food you eat, your body is forced to metabolize fat into energy. This is what triggered the remarkable 16% reduction in body fat over the study period.

Dr. Oz is very impressed with green coffee bean extract, and conducted his own experiment on his show. He recommends searching out green coffee bean extract pills that contain Svetol or GCA and are at least 45%  chlorogenic acid. Once you've found such a supplement, he suggests 400mg taken three times a day.

Is the green coffee bean extract diet the magic bullet we’ve all been searching for? A small, limited study like Dr. Vinson’s is just the beginning. More research is needed to verify the results and determine the optimal dosage for best weight loss with minimal side effects. This could really be a boon for Juan Valdez!

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