A New Diet Pill – Again

It seems that there is a pill for everything. That is certainly true when it comes to weight loss. There have been dozens of “miracle” pills over the years. They all promised great things, but most of them delivered far less, and many of them turned out to be harmful. After more than ten years without a new prescription diet pill, the FDA approved not one, but two new pills for weight loss. Now both of them are on the market and available.

Nearly a year ago, the new diet pill Qsymia became available for prescription. It is a combination of two established weight loss medications, topiramate and phentermine. Each of the components enjoys a good safety record, so the combination might be safe, too. That didn’t turn out so well for Fen-Phen, which was linked to heart valve damage and high blood pressure. The manufacturer blamed the component fenfluramine (the Fen part of the dynamic duo) but the damage was done, and the pill was withdrawn from the market.

Belviq is the second new drug to be approved by the FDA for sale this year. It is just now coming to market and should be the focus of an intense advertising campaign. Approved for use strictly by the obese, Belviq is designed to help people feel full more quickly. The clinical studies that demonstrated the safety of Belviq showed that most people lost between 3% and 3.7% of their body weight over the course of a year. The FDA recommends discontinuing the drug if you don’t lose at least 5% of your total body weight within 90 days.

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