The Latest Diet Supplements

Three new(ish) supplements are getting a lot of press lately. Each of these supplements has a long list of claimed benefits, and even some research to back up those claims. Here’s what you should know.

Our first miracle supplement is resveratrol. Resveratrol is naturally found in grapes and wine, so it is certainly part of my diet. Many people take resveratrol capsules to slow aging and boost their metabolism. Two recent scientific studies have shown that resveratrol improves glucose response (yes, in real people, not just lab mice) and could lead to weight loss. Insulin response is a key factor for people who follow low glycemic index diets.

A relative newcomer to the supplement shelf is white kidney bean extract. Yes, this is actually extracted from the humble white kidney bean. It is credited with blocking the absorption of fat by your body. Scientists believe that the kidney bean extract interferes with an enzyme reaction that normally converts carbohydrates into cellular fat. That means that many carbs are not digested and just passed along as roughage.  Two recent medical studies have found measurable weight loss attributable to this white kidney bean extract. Something to consider if you just can’t break your carb habit.

The third newly-famous supplement is a hormone regulator called DHEA. It’s called DHEA because it is too hard to say dehydroepiandrosterone, a steroid normally produced by our adrenal glands. Doctors know that our production of DHEA declines over time but haven’t previously connected it with aging. Now some small research studies have connected DHEA supplements with body fat reduction.

Are any of these supplements in your cupboard? Since they are marketed as supplements instead of medications, there is very little government oversight. That means that claims can become outrageous without very much proof, and side effects are not listed on the bottle. Your best bet? Consult your doctor before bringing any of these supplements home.

What’s your take?

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