Garcinia Cambogia: Miracle Fat Burner?

Tamarind spice is delicious! Now Dr. Oz says that tamarind rind can burn fat and help you lose weight? Plus, garcinia cambogia, as it’s called, seems to help improve your mood, help you sleep and lets you avoid emotional eating. What’s not to like?

Garcinia cambogia, or tamarind, looks like a baby pumpkin that’s not quite ripe. It has been used for generations as a hunger suppressant. Recently an extract from the rind, called hydroxycitric acid (HCA) has been used as a diet aid. Proponents claim that it can triple the rate at which you lose weight.

The theory is that HCA causes your body to secrete less of an enzyme called citrate lyase. This enzyme plays a role in the transformation from sugar into fat. Less citrate lyase means less fat production. A second benefit of HCA is its ability to increase serotonin levels. Serotonin is a hormone that affects your mood. Low serotonin levels make you feel sad or depressed. High serotonin levels make you feel happy and content. The higher serotonin levels from HCA can help you sleep better and avoid emotional eating.

Dr. Oz sites a small research study that put people on a calorie-restricted (1200 calories per day) diet plus garcinia cambogia before meals. After 8 weeks the volunteers lost an average of 14 pounds while volunteers on the same diet plus a placebo pill only lost 6 pounds. There were only 60 participants in the study, but this is encouraging news.

 Of course, you should consult your doctor before beginning any new medication, and HCA is no exception. Like all supplements, HCA is not regulated by the FDA. That makes it a perfect vehicle for scammers and spammers. Be careful!

Here are some things to look for if you decide to try HCA pills:
1)     Demand least 50% HCA (active ingredient)
2)      Avoid any fillers or artificial ingredients
3)      Look for newer versions that contain HCA potassium salts

You should take between 500mg and 1000mg before each meal, not to exceed 3000mg in any 24 hours. Take the supplement 30 minutes before you eat so that the appetite suppressant effects can kick in before you approach the plate.

Could this be the perfect way to spice up your life?

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