Five Ways to Save a Flat Belly

Society loves a flat stomach. Men and women alike are striving for washboard abs, putting themselves through nearly every indignity in their quest. It turns out that many of us are unwittingly sabotaging ourselves. Here are five things to tips to follow if you want a shot at that swimsuit-ready belly.

1. Skip the salt. Yes, salt is essential to life, but only in infinitesimal levels. Most of us consume many times that amount of salt that we should, and eating a lot of salt leads to craving even more. So watch those dried meats and exotic bubbly waters. Lots of salt lurks within.

2. Chill out. It is true: you really can stress yourself into a paunch. The same neurochemicals that give us superhuman strength in an emergency can trigger fat cell creation around your middle. Learn to calm yourself and you will have a better chance of seeing your feet.

3.  Balance your bacteria. Like many other things, there are good bacteria and bad bacteria in our stomachs. Starting your day with a probiotic yogurt can keep the good guys in the lead.

4. Sleep on it. This is the flip side of fighting stress. Be sure to get enough sack time. Most experts recommend at least seven hours a night. It also helps you reduce stress and avoid those late-night munchies.

5. Drink more water. This is a double whammy. Drinking water means that you’re not drinking alcohol(gasp) which has tons of calories and trashes your will power. The calories in a beer are very likely to migrate to your belly. Just say no. Water is cheaper, too.

By following these five simple strategies, all your hard work in the gym can pay off in a marvelous flat stomach. Make those dreaded crunches really pay off. Remember, it’s always swimsuit season somewhere!

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