The Ayurvedic Cleanse for YOUR Dosha

Dr. Oz never runs out of diets! A big fan of juice cleanses, it was only a matter of time before he made his way to Ayurvedic cleanses. A recent episode of his show gave viewers an introduction to Ayurvedic juice cleanses and some tips on selecting the right cleanse for you. As usual, he simplified everything and told us exactly what we needed to know.

Central to the concept of the Ayurvedic cleanse is the dosha. Your dosha is one of three types, representing earth, wind and fire (but not the classic rock group). Once you know your dosha, you can select the proper Ayurvedic cleanse.

The Kapha dosha is the most common. The Kapha dosha represents the earth, and as you might expect, people of the Kapha dosha are like the earth: broad, heavy and direct. They typically enjoy a calm outlook and a calm metabolism.

The Pitta dosha is the next most common. It represents fire, and people of the Pitta dosha are warm, energetic and mentally quick.  These people have a more medium build. Instead of dealing with a slow metabolism like Kaphas, Pittas are more commonly troubled by inflammation.

Finally, the Vata dosha represents air or wind. People of the Vata dosha are slim and quick to embrace new ideas and try new experiences. Their common complaint is fatigue, insomnia and constipation.

Like most cleanses, juices play a central role. Getting the right juice is the secret to feeling better and getting fit. With Ayurvedic cleanses, your dosha dictates your particular juice. 

Earthy Kaphas need to flush out a lot of toxins. To accomplish this, Dr. Oz recommends a cabbage juice cleanse, blending red cabbage with apples and lemons.

Fiery Pittas need some help with their inflammation and water weight. The best Ayurvedic cleanse for Pittas involves a juice made from watermelon, kale, cucumber and celery.

Breezy Vatas need help with mental alertness and their energy level.  That suggests a juice cleanse with sweet potatoes, almond milk, ginger and avocado. 

So whether you are earth, wind or fire, Dr. Oz has the Ayurvedic cleanse for you. Are you ready to match your dosha to the perfect juice?

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