The 20/20 Diet

How would you like to lose 20 kilograms in 20 weeks? Oh, yeah, so those metric weight-challenged among us, 20 kilograms is about 40 pounds. Now, how does that sound? Australian nutritionist Lola Berry has a plan to accomplish just that feat.

Losing 40 pounds, or 20 kilos, in 5 months is an aggressive goal. Ms. Berry's diet focuses on unprocessed food and staying away from anything that could trigger an allergic reaction. That means lots of fruits, nuts and vegetables, some limited fish and meat, but most grains and legumes are off limits.

The 20/20 diet does veer a bit toward the fad diet side of town with its promotion of "metabolic boosters" like coconut oil, green and red chilies and green tea pills. Your mileage may vary.

As you might expect, Ms. Berry has a  book and a web site. The book has a clear description of the diet plan, plus recipes and other supports. The web site is a bit more spare, mostly focused on garnering social media connections.

Could you give up grains and legumes if it meant losing 40 pounds? The 20/20 diet could be just the ticket for you!

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