The HCG diet – is it right for you?

The HCG diet is quite the rage right now. HCG stands for “Human chorionic gonadotrophin” which is appropriately medical-sounding and very scientific on its face. It seems that every day another article appears on the HCG diet.  For anyone who has been off planet for a bit, the HCG diet consists of precious drops of liquid that purport to melt away fat. Some of the more legitimate purveyors include meal plans, low-calorie recipes and exercise suggestions. But every single web site selling the diet leads with a huge picture of the blessed drops. Rather than trading the family cow for some magic beans, we are prodded to trade between $100 and $200 for a month or two of magic drops. If only “spill insurance” were an option.

There is no single diet that will work for everyone. And certainly, the HCG diet can be a part of a successful diet. But to think that a few drops of fluid each day will make dieting pleasant and easy is naïve at best. There are much more important factors, such as having a diet buddy for support, a doctor’s checkup before the start, realistic expectations about rate of weight loss and a plan for ongoing maintenance once a target weight is achieved.

So, if you are ready to lose some weight there are some important factors to consider (diet buddy, medical clearance, slow and steady approach, etc.) but a lot of money can be saved by using the new “HCG-2” diet: use pure, clean water drops used as a food additive and use the money saved to buy a membership in a local gym. Your diet and your wallet will benefit!

By the way, if you don’t have a diet buddy in mind, check out to find a new, local diet buddy.  You’ll be glad you did!

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