5 Keys to a Successful Diet

Diet programs are like politicians’ platforms: everybody has one, they all sound the same, and they rarely accomplish anything. Starting a diet is exciting and full of anticipation of great things. Ending a diet is all too often an admission that the desire to lose weight is just not strong enough. Here are five keys to a successful diet:

1) Set a realistic goal. Sure, we would all love see our excess weight melt away like an ice cube on a hot griddle, but that’s probably not going to happen (nor is that healthy). Set a goal that is achievable, both in terms of how much weight will be lost and how long it will take. Don’t set yourself up for failure from the start. Deep down inside, you know if your goal is realistic. Don’t give yourself an excuse to quit by setting such high expectations that failure is waiting around the first corner.

2) Create reasons to celebrate. Don’t wait for that last pound to leave before you celebrate. Set intermediate milestones and give yourself a treat. Maybe a trip to the movies, or a massage, or that museum show you’ve been hearing about. These celebrations will reinforce your commitment and dramatically improve your ability to stay on course.

3) Find a diet buddy. Let’s face it, dieting is not fun. Saying no is never fun. Having a friend who is sharing your journey makes it easier to say no and harder to give up. With a diet buddy you have someone to share your milestone moments as well as those plateau periods. Through good times and bad, having someone with you makes the journey easier.

4) Mix it up. Don’t get stuck in a rut. Change your menus, change your exercise, change your scenery! All of the change will help distract you from the one constant: you are on a diet. Make every day something new and special to look forward to instead of just another day without treats. The anticipation will buoy your spirits and keep you smiling.

5) Believe in yourself. You are making a very positive change in your life. You have that power and no one can keep you from your goal. There’s no room for negative thoughts or doubts about your ultimate success. You know that you can do it, and so does your diet buddy. This is going to be great!

These five keys are not magical, but adopting them can measurably increase your chance of success. Goals, celebrations, support, variety and self-confidence can help make you successful. Go for it!

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