Chris Hemsworth's Thor Workout

You don’t have to be a comic book fan to know about Chris Hemsworth and the dramatic transformation that he went through between his appearance in “Home And Away” and “Thor”.  Chris changed his physique from slender and lithe to hulking and bulging.  Many fitness fans are asking how he accomplished this feat.

When Chris was chosen to star in the Marvel comic-inspired movie “Thor”, he needed preparation beyond memorizing his lines.  His comic book inspiration was 500 pounds of muscle and grit.  Chris needed to bulk up.  Working with personal training and movie extra Michael Knight, Chris began an intense exercise and diet regimen to build and define his major muscle groups.  Over the course of six months, the program delivered results that will be showcased in the movie.

One key element of Chris’ workout was a focus on maximum weight with minimum repetitions.  This tears down muscle fibers quickly and rebuilds them, larger, even quicker.  These intense and short (less than an hour) workout sessions were relentless.  Every two weeks the weights got heavier.  Each lift was right at the edge of his capacity.  Nothing was spared in the name of become a comic book hero.

Once the muscle bulk was built, trainer Knight shifted his focus to trimming body fat. This was done through a diet of very lean protein, fruits and vegetables (and few carbs).  Chris was also drinking gallons of water each day.  His workouts switched to circuit training and cardio to maintain and define his physique.

The result was an actor with a hero’s body.  Now if the movie can only deliver as well as Michael Knight’s training.

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