The Ryan Reynolds Workout

When movie stars need to transform their appearance they usually depend on computer graphics.  That can make them age backwards, become eight feet tall and bright blue, or resemble the Hulk.  But when Ryan Reynolds transitioned from boyish charm to all-grown-up hunk, he bulked up his muscles and cut his fat to the bone the old fashioned way.

To get ready for his new role quickly, Ryan Reynolds combined intense workouts with a focused diet.  The results were nothing short of amazing.  From college slacker to vampire slayer in less than six months.

Ryan ate almost constantly, with a small (tiny might be more accurate) meal every two or three hours.  In addition to gallons of water, he ate a high protein, low fat diet.  Breakfast was usually eggs and steel cut oats and a bit of fruit. A few hours later he ate a protein bar to carry him to lunch.  For lunch he kept to a salad and chicken or tuna.  His mid-afternoon snack was another protein bar or a protein shake.  Dinner was fish or chicken again with a salad or veggie.  A few hours later he would have the final protein shake or bar of the day.

To build muscle and definition, Ryan exercised two to three hours every day.  Clearly, this is not practical for us normal folk, but movie stars aren’t normal folk.  With America’s fascination with the six-pack abs, sit-ups and crunches were the start of most sessions.  Then the “muscle group of the day” workout followed, with weight training and equipment localizing chest, back, shoulders, legs and arms.  Given Ryan’s goal of looking good at all costs, cardio was not emphasized.

Helping to build muscle were daily supplements of creatine, L-glutamine, whey protein and multivitamins. Ryan said that he built muscle much more quickly once he started taking the supplements.

Is this the workout for you?  If you have the time, the personal trainer and the deadline looming, this could be the one!  What do you think?  Click on the Comment button and let us know.

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