Improve Your Game With A Tennis Buddy

Tennis is a great sport. Regardless of age, physical fitness level or training, you can enjoy a game of tennis. One key ingredient for the perfect tennis game is finding the right partner. You want a tennis buddy who is about your skill level, shares your level of commitment to the sport and has about your level of interest in winning.  If any of these attributes are out of balance, a fun game can be ruined.

Let's face it, we can't all play at Wimbleton.  That doesn't mean that we can't have fun and play a respectable game of tennis.  The secret is finding partners on our level. This compatibility is necessary on a number of levels. Not all are critical for everyone, but trying to force a tennis relationship when the mismatches outnumber the matches is asking for trouble.

We all like to win. For a tennis buddy relationship to last, though, both buddies need to win occasionally. If one person wins the preponderance of games, the other player will soon find other ways to spend their time. Finding tennis buddies at our skill level is, therefore, key to a successful long-term relationship. You should both go into each game challenged and anticipating victory.

Attitude is another key area for compatibility. If one player will do anything to win but the other player is more interested in a gentle, relaxed game, tension will grow quickly. Be sure that your prospective tennis buddy shares your level of investment in winning. If you frequently dive head-first after that scorching serve, be sure that your buddy does, too. If you really enjoy the fresh air and don't want to strain anything just to hold serve, that's important to discuss upfront, too.

What is your schedule, and how does it match your prospective tennis buddy? Do you share convenient gaps in your busy day so that games can be fit in easily? Are you both about the same level of reliable, so that one person isn't consistently hitting balls against a back stop waiting for the other to show up? Be sure to share cell numbers and agree on your level of commitment to making the schedule work for both of you.

Are you open to getting tips from your tennis buddy? Do you love to share your knowledge of tennis form and techniques? This can be an area of friction. Be sure that your buddy really appreciates all that great advice that you're sharing. Otherwise you might be an irritant without realizing it. If you like hearing ways to improve your game, remember to reward your partner after receiving some pearl of wisdom so that the communication can continue without awkwardness.

Do you share the same goals for your tennis career? If you on you is determined to rise through the ranks, the tennis buddy should understand and support this goal. If you are both out for a good time without stressing over improving the speed of your serve or your rocketing backhand, that's good too. Just as long as you are both on the same page.

Finding a compatible tennis buddy can make a huge difference in your enjoyment of tennis.  If you are in the market for a new tennis buddy, check out  The site is ready to serve you up a buddy today!

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