The Sensa Diet: Just Sprinkle!

We have all experienced how our sense of smell affects how things taste.  The Sensa diet takes this one step further, using the sense of smell to affect how quickly we feel full.  Adding a new word to our vocabulary, "tastant," Alan Hirsch has formulated a shake-on additive for our food that he claims can lead to rapid weight loss.  And he's willing to sell you these tastants in convenient shaker dispensers.

Hirsch started with the belief that if we feel full more quickly we will naturally eat less.  That led him to experiment with various ingredients to find a combination of spices and chemicals that speed our way to feeling full.  The result, tastants, are a combination of maltodextrin, soy, milk, tricalcium phosphate and preservatives and colorants.   People who are allergic to corn, soy or lactose should be careful.

There are two basic "flavors" of tastants.  There is a tastant that is designed to be sprinkled on savory foods (meat, pasta, potatoes, etc.) and another tastant for sweet foods.    Further, there are special tastants in various specific flavors, such as onion, cheese, cocoa, strawberry or spearmint.  Currently, there is not a tastant for liquids.

Does the Sensa diet work?  The promoters claim that users can expect to lose 30 pounds over six months.  This is independent of calorie intake or exercise, although they do recommend eating a low-calorie diet and exercising regularly.  Hirsch claims that a test compared people using Sensa with people using a placebo sprinkle showed dramatic weight loss for the Sensa group and negligible weight loss for the placebo group.  There are no scientific, double-blind experiments or publications in peer-reviewed magazines supporting his claims, however.  The Food and Drug Administration does not validate or investigate claims made about additives of this nature.
This diet is not cheap.  One month's worth of Sensa sprinkles costs $59.  There is a free trial, however there are many reports of difficulty in cancelling the subscription and avoiding credit card charges.  For those who are interesting in a longer-term commitment, a six month's supply of Sensa is $289.  There are also kits especially for people who eat out and another kit targeting men.   Cheaper than a gym membership?  Probably so.  Will it work for you?  There is no scientific proof validating their claims, but who knows?

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  1. I tried Sensa a few years ago and was not impressed. I don't think results come from the product itself. When I used it, I had to pay more attention to what I was eating since I had to sprinkle each bite with a little of the product. I think that many people just don't pay attention to how much they eat. I think I ate less because each bite took more effort and thought, so I was able to realize how much I ate at each meal. I kept up the tactic without the product and the results were the same.