The Victoria's Secret Diet

The annual Victoria's Secret fashion show is an iconic moment, displaying the height of fantasy as waif-thin models parade the latest in lingerie. Did you ever wonder, though, how these models prepare for this event, knowing that nearly every inch of skin will be on display? Top model Adriana Lima recently spilled the beans on how she gets ready, and no beans are involved. In fact, no solid food is involved.

Adriana Lima, born in 1981 in Brazil, has been a successful model from the age of 15. She became a Victoria's Secret angel in 2000 and the face of Maybelline cosmetics in 2003. Now 30 years old, she continues to be a top model. Adriana credits her childhood athleticism for keeping her in top form over the years.

Preparing for a Victoria's Secret fashion show is a very serious project for Lima. For several months before the show, Adriana takes daily workout sessions, toning and tightening.  As the show approaches, she moves the exercise routines up to twice daily.

In the nine days before the big show, Adriana eliminates solid food from her diet. She drinks protein shakes laced with powdered eggs and drinks at least a gallon of water each day. Coupled with the intense workouts, this triggers a dramatic weight loss. Two days before the fashion show she stops forcing her water consumption and drinks only as much as she wants. In the final 12 hours before the cat walk, she stops drinking all together. She credits this complete fast for dropping eight pounds before she straps on the feathery wings.

So, is this a diet for you? When is your debut as a lingerie model? Drastic diets like this are extremely hard on your body. The government's guidelines for healthy weight loss recommend consuming at least 1,100 calories a day. Adriana's diet is far below this level. The twice-daily workouts are not, in themselves, dangerous. Most of us don't have the luxury of that kind of spare time, though. The final 12 hour "nothing by mouth" fast is downright dangerous.

If you make your living modeling lingerie, the Victoria's Secret diet might be for you. For the rest of us, who only strip down for that special someone, there are many diets that aren't as damaging to our body. No solid food for a week and a half? That's one reason why I will never make it as a supermodel!

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