Qnexa - A Safe Diet Pill At Last?

This week the FDA gave preliminary approval to a new diet drug call Qnexa, from drug maker Vivus. After many years of denying diet drug applications, the FDA is on track to authorize this new combination drug for the treatment of obesity. Here is what you should know about Qnexa.

Qnexa is the combination of two previously approved drugs phentermine and topiramate. Phentermine has been used as a hunger suppressant for years. It gained notoriety as half of the Phen-Fen diet treatment that was blamed for causing heart damage. Topiramate is used as an anticonvulsant. Together these two drugs seem to deliver the holy grail of weight loss - significant weight reduction without dangerous side effects.

Qnexa is not actually without possible side effects. Most critically, it should not be taken by women who are pregnant or may become pregnant during the course of their Qnexa treatment. Qnexa seems to substantially increase the chance of cleft lip in babies when the mother is on taking the drug. Part of the Vivus treatment plan is a monthly pregnancy test so that the drug can be discontinued immediately if the woman becomes pregnant.

There are also some concerns about heart health. As a result, the Vivus treatment plan also calls for close monitoring of cardiovascular health during treatment. Additional, long-term safety studies will be conducted to learn more about this risk.

Since about one third of all Americans are over weight, Qnexa will receive a warm welcome. During the clinical trials, people who took Qnexa enjoyed a 10 to 15 percent reduction in body weight. This is far beyond the experience of those taking a placebo and merely limiting their diet.

How can you get Qnexa? Final FDA approval is expected this fall. Vivus will tightly control the distribution of the drug so that users will be protected. It will only be available from licensed and approved pharmacies, most likely strictly by mail order. You will also be required to be under doctor supervision, with monthly checkups. The FDA only approved the drug with the understanding that its use would be tightly monitored and controlled.

What do you think? Is Qnexa right for you? The appetite suppressant in phentermine means that you will not be as hungry, and the topiramate will make you feel full more quickly when you eat. Seems like a great way to stick to that diet!

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