The Raspberry Ketone Diet

Dr. Oz is a busy guy. He is tireless in his search for new and innovative diets. His latest discovery, the raspberry ketone diet, is generating a lot of buzz. Could those cute little berries really help with weight loss?

Raspberries are delicious. A great balance of sweet and tart that makes every bite a party. Now there may be a new reason to love them. Recent research studied mice that were fed a high fat diet, with half of the mice also receiving an extract of raspberries, a chemical building block called raspberry ketone. The mice receiving the raspberry extract gained less weight than the mice that remained berry-free.

There have been no research studies conducted on people to see if the raspberry extract has any effect on us. None the less, there is an exploding industry producing and selling raspberry ketone (the extract) pills. Now that Dr. Oz has provided a minute of fame for the supplement, who knows how far this can go?

The theory is that the raspberry ketones increase your body temperature and shift your metabolism toward anaerobic respiration. This type of energy production burns fat cells inefficiently (a good thing) and leads to weight loss. The same effect can be obtained by eating fresh raspberries, but be ready to eat about 90 pounds of berries to reach the dosage (100 mg) that is recommended by the supplement makers.

The supplement makers stress that the raspberry ketone pills are natural. That is technically true, in that the contents are chemically identical to components found in raspberries. Originally the supplements were created by freeze drying raspberries and extracting the ketones from the frozen powder. This works great in small quantities but is not practical for producing commercial quantities of the supplement. The manufacturers now create their pills in a chemical factory, far from berries of any kind. At least millions of pounds of delicious raspberries are spared an early death.

Can the raspberry ketone diet help you lose weight? There is no science backing up that claim. Will it hurt you? Probably not, unless you are allergic to raspberries! People have been using raspberries for therapeutic applications for hundreds of years, and there are no know side effects. It won't replace your daily servings of fruits and vegetables that are so important to good nutrition, either.

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