10 Fat Fighting Foods

We usually think of food as causing fat. But did you know that some foods can fight fat? It is true; some foods can actually help you lose weight and burn through fat, just by eating them. Who knew? Here are ten of the best fat fighting foods.

Avocado. More than just good for guacamole, avocados contain “good” cholesterol, plus essential fatty acids and those ever-glamorous antioxidants that fight aging. Less known: they stimulate your metabolism so that you burn more calories than the avocado contributes. Score!

Salmon. A great source of those wonderful omega-3 fatty acids. It seems that omega-3s convince your cells to store less fat, a very good thing. Look for the wild, rather than farmed, version for best benefit.

Chili peppers. A well-known dodge among diabetics, chili peppers reduce blood glucose. This avoids fat creation and keeps you from craving more food an hour after you eat. The capsaicin (the chemical that provides the “hot” feeling) also boosts your metabolism, so you burn more calories, even at rest.

Yogurt. Yogurt celebrates a come-back every few years. A great source of calcium, yogurt can also supply those mysterious probiotics to keep a rein on belly fat. Probiotics: good micro-organisms that help digestion and overall health.

Green tea. A key ingredient of the Green Tea diet, this beverage is packed with antioxidants. Plus the caffeine amps up your metabolism for at least an hour.

Coffee. Right up there with green tea for caffeine, coffee raises your metabolism. Plus, it tastes delicious. Just avoid the urge to smother it in additives like cream or milk foam. Some studies also correlate coffee drinking with living longer.

Eggs. Another food that takes more energy to digest than it contributes. Eat two eggs for breakfast and you will be full until lunch. No snacking for you! The harder the egg is cooked the more energy it takes to digest it. Hard boiled, anyone?

Cheese. There’s a chemical in cheese called conjugated linoleic acid that makes you feel full and stimulates your metabolism. A nice double feature. Shop for soft cheeses (think feta or goat) for maximum CLA.

Skim milk. A very satisfying beverage that’s actually better for athletes than Gatorade, skim milk also has CLA, like soft cheese, so you get the same fat-fighting benefits.

Dark chocolate. As if anyone needed an excuse to eat dark chocolate! Very low in calories, yet satisfying and full of nutrition. Stimulates your metabolism while reducing your hunger so you eat less. Nice trade-off!

With a diverse and delicious list of fat fighters like this, it should be easy to include at least one in every meal. How many can you combine? Let us know!

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