The Beyonce Diet

Beyonce is a mega-star! She seems to be everywhere the camera points. Whether you’re watching President Obama’s inauguration or the Super Bowl half-time show, Beyonce is center stage. Her “ready for my close-up” figure doesn't come easily, though, especially after giving birth to a baby. How does she control her weight?

For years, Beyonce has been a fan of the Master Cleanse diet. The Master Cleanse is strict but straight forward. Take a glass of cold water, add a squeeze of lemon, a dash of cayenne pepper and a dollop of maple syrup.  Bam! You have the basic ingredient for the Master Cleanse diet.  This is your sole source of sustenance for ten days.

The Master Cleanse diet is good for losing weight rapidly, but it takes a huge toll on your body. Longer term, Beyonce (and everyone else) depends on a more nutritionally balanced diet. Her focus is on low fat, high protein food. Lots of turkey cutlets, egg white omelets and tuna. She fills in the afternoon cravings with an apple, edamame, or cucumber slices. You've seen this before, as the Ideal Protein diet.

Beyonce doesn't depend exclusively on her diet to keep her fit. She spends time in the gym, pretty much every day. Her workout includes using weights to exercise her shoulders and biceps, push ups, sit ups, squats and lunges to work her legs, core and chest. She says that the discipline to make time in her day for fitness is one of her most valuable attributes. Are you a busy as Beyonce? Then why aren't you making it to the gym?

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