The Super Immunity Diet

Dr. Joel Fuhrman is no stranger to diets. His “Eat toLive” diet was all the talk last summer. Now he is back on the Dr. Oz Show with a diet that strengthens your immunities as you lose weight. Get sick less, have more energy, and get skinny. What’s not to like?

Dr. Fuhrman says that our immune systems are typically only running at about half speed. He believes that our diet is to blame. By changing what we eat, he says that we can stimulate our immune system, live to be a 100, and lose weight as a side effect.

The Super Immunity diet has four basic rules: eat nutrient-rich foods, focus on foods that are absorbed slowly, eat less meat, and chew your food more. Each of these rules plays a role in getting us to a healthier place.

Rule 1: Eat foods high in phytonutrients. That’s quite a mouthful! It means that your diet should feature foods that have a lot of antioxidants, vitamins, and folic acid, without a lot of calories. Think brightly-colored vegetables instead of bland starches and meats.

Rule 2: Eat foods that are digested slowly. Once again, the glycemic index steps forward. Dr. Fuhrman suggests eating food with a low glycemic index to avoid glucose surges and the resultant spike in insulin. This reduces fat deposits and avoids cravings shortly after your meals. It also gives your body time to extract the maximum amount of nutrition from the food, not just the calories.

Rule 3: Don’t focus on the meat. The Super Immunity diet is about the veggies, not the meat. Dr. Fuhrman considers meat a garnish, not an entrĂ©e. He suggests that meat make up only 10% of your meal. I can hear the cattle crying off in the distance.

Rule 4: Chew your food. A lot. No really, a lot. Dr. Fuhrman says that we eat too quickly, chewing our food a few times and swallowing. By chewing each bite longer, you give your body better access to the nutrition locked up in the food. Plus, you take longer to eat, so that you feel satisfied sooner and don’t necessarily eat as much.

Does this work for you? The Super Immunity diet is pretty sensible. There are no gimmicks or drastic calorie restrictions, so it is a safe diet to try. Eating less meat and more green leafy vegetables can really help your triglycerides. And eating slower has been shown to cut your calorie intake without making you feel deprived.

So give it a try and let us know how it works for you!

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