The Omni Diet

By eating the right foods you can eliminate chronic disease, boost your immune system, regulate your hormones and control your blood sugar. This will reduce your chance of diabetes, cancer, heart disease and Alzheimer’s. And as a side effect,  you will also lose weight. So says Tana Amen, author of the book, “The Omni Diet.”

Tana Amen is married to Dr. Daniel Amen, who wrote “TheAmen Solution” describing a diet approach that matches your emotional makeup to the proper diet. Tana believes that healthy eating is simpler than that. One diet (hers) is right for everyone. She promises that the Omni Diet will change our lives forever.

The subtitle of her book lays out her approach: 70% plant-based and 30% protein on the plate. That eliminates dairy, simple sugars, processed foods and most grains.  The book details three 14-day phases and a life-long maintenance phase that purports to extend your lifespan. Happily, Amen supplies plenty of recipes and menu plans.

Much of Tana Amen’s approach is to replace (or substantially reduce) the use of pharmaceuticals. She believes that modern life is too focused on taking a pill for everything, and that those nasty side-effects that come at the end of every medication advertisement are real, and far more common that we think.

Amen describes her Omni Diet as “eating like a gorilla” because of the focus on veggies and vegetable juices. Meat is allowed, although Amen recommends seeking out strictly grass-fed meats. That takes a bit more time and money to procure, but she says that it’s worth it.

Could the Omni Diet work for you? The meal plan is healthy (albeit sparse) so there isn’t any fundamental danger involved, unlike many fad diets. Certainly, consult with your doctor before you stop taking any prescription medications, though.

Have you already started the Omni Diet? Let us know how it is working out!

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