The Hugh Jackman Diet

Celebrated actor Hugh Jackman will do whatever it takes to prepare for a role. To transform himself into Jean Valjean of “Les Miserables” fame, he starved himself and even cut his water intake to appear emaciated for some of the scenes. He then had to bulk up and become the muscle-laden Wolverine in a few short months. That begs the question: what does a wolverine eat to end up with such a physique?

Jackman followed a modified 8 Hour Diet. That meant that he only ate for a single 8-hour window of each day. Unlike most followers of the 8 Hour Diet, however, he maximized his caloric intake during that time. He ate 5,000 calories a day!

Jackman describes himself as a naturally skinny person. That made becoming the wolverine all the more challenging. Every day he ate “ridiculous amounts of food” as he puts it. Lots of protein, especially steamed chicken breasts, fish and lots of fresh and steamed vegetables. He even drank protein shakes between his (frequent) meals. All this eating, but only during his 8 hour eating window.

All of these calories could have turned Jackman into the Michelin Man, except for his workouts. And, wow, were these workouts! He spent at least 3 hours a day in the gym with a trainer, following a 6 day exercise rotation that balanced the muscle growth throughout this frame. His weekly exercise rotation of chest, back, legs, shoulders, arms and flexibility made sure that he was ready for his close-ups.

Are you ready to become a super-hero? Following the Hugh Jackman diet and exercise plan won’t guarantee razorblade knuckles, but it will certainly get you camera ready!

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