The Super Shred Diet

Dr. Ian Smith is really prolific when it comes to diet plans. Making his name as a judge on the TV program Celebrity Fit Club, his first diet, the Fat Smash Diet, sold very well. That diet was followed by the Shred Diet, which also enjoyed success. Now Dr. Smith trumps himself by releasing a new book and diet, called the Super Shred Diet. What could be better than a diet that’s super?

The Super Shred Diet promises great results: 20 pounds in four weeks. Dr. Smith understands that dieting is difficult, so his latest diet allows our greatest wants: coffee, soda and alcohol. All of these indulgences are allowed with the Super Shred Diet!

Losing weight fast is the one and only goal of the Super Shred Diet. This is not a life-time diet or a lifestyle. For true die-hard dieters, Dr. Smith recommends following his original six-week Shred diet following the four-week Super Shred.  The not-so-super Shred Diet does have elements that can be used on a longer term basis.

The Super Shred Diet makes use of meal timing and dietary confusion. There are lots of small meals and mandatory snacks, and the calorie intake varies from day to day. That keeps your body from deciding that starvation is upon it and hanging on to every last calorie. You never have time to get hungry, and there’s very little temptation to cheat.

Another foundation for the Super Shred Diet is called sliding nutrient density. That means that during the early part of the day you can eat proteins, meats and dairy. As the day passes, your diet shifts to vegetables, which have great fiber content but fewer calories.

Dr. Smith’s book is full of tips, encouragement and meal plans. It even has shopping lists for your trip to the grocery store every week.

Could this be the diet for you? The calorie intake is below the FDA-suggested level of 1,200 per day, but this is a limited time diet. After checking in with your doctor, this diet may be just the quick-result program that you've been waiting for!

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