Want To Lose Weight? Buy Red Plates!

Not every weight loss idea that comes along makes sense. If life made sense there would be no reason for research, or diet books. This idea, though, is seductive because it is easy, yet challenging because it flies in the face of common experience. So here it goes: the color red makes you eat less. Boom, mind blown?

This idea has some science backing it up. Researchers at the University of Parma in Italy studied the effect of color on consumption. They measured the impact of using plates that were red, white or blue. On each plate was placed hand cream, popcorn or chocolate, and the volunteers were asked to complete a survey about the product. The survey was something of a smoke-screen, because the researchers were actually interested in how much chocolate, popcorn or hand cream was used by the volunteer while completing the survey.

The results were consistent and surprising. The red plates correlated with volunteers taking about half as much of the product, compared to when the product was placed on blue or white plates. The volunteers were not aware of the true focus of the study, so this research measured unconscious reactions to color.

Could red plates solve your diet woes? Maybe, or maybe not. This research was done without the volunteers being aware of the true issue being tested. It could be that merely knowing about the red plate effect is enough to render it useless. Besides, isn't red the color of love? Shouldn't we be trying to reduce our love for our food? At least a little?

On the other hand, who doesn't like getting new plates once in a while?

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