The Stairway to Better Health

We seem to be obsessed with exercise equipment. One visit to a health club is enough to boggle the mind. The variety and complexity of workout apparatus is truly amazing! On the other hand, something as simple and ubiquitous as the humble stairway might be the answer to our swelling waistlines. Could this be? Climbing stairs as a health initiative?

Climbing stairs is surprisingly healthful. On a "per minute" basis, climbing stairs burns more calories than jogging, and is easier on your body.

One study of Harvard University alumni tracked the physical activity of 11,000 volunteers over a dozen years. They found that men who climbed 3-5 flights of stairs every day had a 29% reduction in the incidence of stroke.

All of this healthy stair climbing can have other long term benefits. As we age, we typically gain about one pound a year. Climbing stairs for a mere 2 minutes a day burns enough calories to offset this weight gain. Think of the savings in belts alone!

Like an evening walk with a buddy, climbing stairs is easy, enjoyable and doesn't require a gym membership, special equipment or even a change of clothes. The long term benefits though? Maybe a stairway to heavenly health!

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