The Ice Cream Diet

Most diets involve cutting cherished foods out of our daily meal plan. It seems that the fact that a food tastes great automatically means that the latest diet fad insists on its avoidance. There is one noticeable exception to this secret rule: the ice cream diet! Can it be? Is it possible to lose weight while eating ice cream?

It seems that there are actually two ice cream diets. One version was created by Prevention Magazine editor Holly McCord, who published her ice cream diet in a book of the same name. Her diet idea was straight-forward and practical. Every day, your calorie intake is restricted to 1,250 calories, pretty much made up out of whatever foods you like. After sticking to this calorie restriction all day, your reward is a scoop of ice cream. Your total calorie intake is around 1,500 calories a day, a sensible level that even the FDA likes. Ms. McCord suggests that the ice cream is not only a delicious treat for following the daily diet, but the calcium in the ice cream helps you to feel full and satiated.

The McCord ice cream diet isn't nearly as "out there" as many diets. In fact, the regimen is sensible about your daily calorie budget, and the daily ice cream treat is a wonderful encouragement. If combined with a modest exercise plan, you can probably slowly and safely lose weight that will probably stay off. All good attributes!

There is now a second ice cream diet on the scene. Recently an entrepreneuring ice cream shop in Venice, California is offering an "ice cream cleanse". This is quite an idea! You eat five pints of "special" ice cream every day for five days. Nothing else. The special ice cream plus a yoga exercise program is supposed to deliver weight loss results, and in only five days.

The ice creams is a special formula, made with coconut water, coconut cream, fresh fruit and unprocessed honey. They point out that it has no dairy, no sugar and no soy. It does have about 1,200 calories, 70 grams of fat and around 120 grams of sugar in the daily dose. That's a lot of fat and sugar. People who have tried the cleanse say that it is delicious.

Is this a sure bet? Eating five pints of ice cream a day can get old pretty fast. The 1,200 daily calories meets the FDA minimums, but the nutrient content leaves a bit to be desired. Maybe a daily vitamin sprinkled over the first bowl of ice cream every morning?

So there you are. Not one, but two ice cream diets! Which one will you choose?

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