These Supplements Might Kill You!

Stores everywhere sell pills, powers and shakes that all claim to boost your nutrition, burn fat and build muscle. Many people do not realize that these supplements are only slightly governed by the Federal government. Does that matter? It might, especially if you take a supplement that contains a mystery ingredient that just happens to be dangerous.

The Federal Drug Administration has very little oversight on dietary supplements. As long as the marketing materials don't make specific medical claims without proof, and the product doesn't contain a known poison, the FDA is powerless. That creates something of a "whack-a-mole" situation, with supplement makers tweaking their ingredients every time the FDA gets enough scientific proof to ban something.

One case in point is the change from DMAA (1,3-dimethylamylamine), a drug found to cause internal bleed and even death, to DMBA (1,3-dimethylbutylamine), a "designer drug" nearly identical to DMAA, but not banned.

Doctors Peter Cohen, John Travis and Bastiaan Venhuis set out to study the occurance of DMBA in over-the-counter supplements. Their research was recently published in the journal Drug Testing and Analysis.

Their approach was straight forward. Using the Google search engine, they found 14 dietary supplements that listed an ingredient that MIGHT possibly be DMBA. Many of these supplements used ingredient names like AMP Citrate, 4-AMP, 4-amino-2-methylpentane citrate, 1,3-dimethylbutylamine citrate or 4-amino-2-pentanamine or even Pouchong tea. Quiet a mouthful! They also obtained laboratory-grade DMBA as a source of comparison.

Here are the supplements that were examined:

Product Name & Manufacturer Sold By Recommented Use
Contraband (Iron Forged Nutrition) TGB Sports nutrition
Redline White Heat (Vital Pharmaceuticals Inc) Sports nutrition
Evol (Genomyx LLC) AMAZON (sold by Fitness Factor) Sports nutrition
Preamp by Hybrid (DSEO, LLC)
** Not found to contain DMBA **
BEST PRICE Sports nutrition
MD2 Meltdown (Vital Pharmaceuticals Inc) Weight loss
OxyphenXR AMP'D (Beta Labs, LTD) Not specified
OxyTHERM Pro (deNOVOLABS) DPS Weight loss
AMP Citrate (Genomyx LLC)
** Not found to contain DMBA **
A1 Brain enhancers
Oxyfit Xtreme (Oxyfit Xtreme) PLANETARY Weight loss
Synetherm (Synetherm) PLANETARY Weight loss
AMPitropin (Lecheek Nutrition) AMAZON (Lightning Liquidators ) Brain enhancers
Decimate Amplified (Genomyx LLC) AMAZON (sold by Fitness Factor) Weight loss
AMPilean (Lecheek Nutrition) AMAZON (sold by Fitness Factor) Weight loss
Frenzy (Driven Sports) Driven Sports (sold by Predator Nutrition) Sports nutrition

Each of the supplements was meticulously studied with high-end laboratory equipment, searching for DMBA. Of the 14 supplements that disclosed that they contained something that could be DMBA, 12 supplements tested positive.

DMBA has never been studied in human trials. Ever.  Two animal studies showed that DMBA was a powerful central nervous system stimulant. The Netherland's National Institute for Public Health has responded to three incidents where athletes reported unpleasant symptoms normally associated with stimulants after using a supplement believed to contain DMBA. It is also believed that DMBA could be considered a prohibited drug by the World Anti-Doping Agency.

So does this mean that DMBA is dangerous? At some dosage level, it is almost certainly dangerous and possibly deadly. What dosage level is safe? Nobody knows. Care to be a Guinea pig?

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