For best results, get a workout buddy!

Let’s be honest, starting a new fitness regimen is easy. Keeping it going is really, really hard. With today’s fast-paced, multitasking, almost frenetic daily schedule stealing every spare second away, the workout can easily become a casualty. After all, catching up tomorrow will be fine, right? Wrong!

Although everyone is different, and we all have our own ways to keep on track and disciplined, one common problem is a tendency to take care of ourselves last.  That’s why having a workout buddy can make the difference between an endless string of best intentions and a truly successful, long term fitness program. After a grueling day, we might be willing to pass on our workout to gain a few minutes on the couch, if we have a workout buddy expecting us, we will show up. Our natural drive to not let someone else down will make the “couch vs. gym” calculation come out differently if our buddy is expecting us.

A workout buddy can be a constant source of encouragement and support, a sympathetic ear when yesterday’s squats made today’s walking a chore, and someone to share the celebration when a milestone is reached. Having a workout buddy means half the pain and twice the celebrating.

Finding a workout buddy can be tricky. The ideal buddy has similar exercise goals and workout schedule. A compatible “talk/work” ratio is important, too. Some people are lucky enough to have someone within their core circle of friends that fits the bill perfectly. For many others, though, finding a workout buddy can be almost as hard as deciding that it’s time to get in shape. For a woman, finding a workout buddy can be especially challenging. Most on-line “find someone” sites are aimed at finding that special someone. But a workout buddy is not a date. Perish the thought! 

Observing the difficulty that many people (especially women) had finding a buddy for exercise and activities led to the creation of WannaBuddy. This new web site ( is dedicated to connecting new buddies through activities. The site features a location database with thousands of parks and hiking trails, bowling alleys, golf courses, camp grounds, wineries and museums. Plus, it has over 100,000 upcoming events that can serve as rewards when fitness goals are met! The WannaBuddy site allows free, safe and anonymous connections for exercise buddies.

So what are you waiting for? Get a workout buddy and get your fitness program back on track!

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